We are Social Media Natives and our mission is to accelerate
Your business growth with guaranteed results. 

Somenatives is a Growth Agency focused on Accelerating the Growth of Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

We master social media and build profitable customer acquisition channels around it.

Do you want to improve your business with 

social media and automations?


At Somenatives we have fused sales and marketing into one service, which is usable on the most visible channels. 


Our vision is to provide cost-effective customer acquisition services to businesses of all sizes.


The base of our cost effectiveness consists of unlimited amounts of data, our ability to analyse and suit it according to our customers' needs. 

How can you pick customers from social media?


Hyper targeting with the help of target audience analysis allows us to find and track ready-to-pay customers. We then expose them to tailored and attractive advertisements in the right place at the right time. The advantage of Hyper Targeting is the minimizing of ad budget loss, which is usually significant in traditional marketing efforts. 


The Magnet is a carefully selected offer for a service or product. Its purpose is to awaken a need or desire within the target audience and have them engage with the business. 


The purpose of the Visual is to tie the target audience and Magnet together while creating a spark. A good visual will bring value and be a part of a pleasant customer experience.  


"After three months of constantly receiving more customers we were able to move our beauty centre into a bigger space"

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