Taking your Med Spa to the

Next Level with Tier 3 Growth Boost™

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Are you ready to fill your bookings and serve more customers quickly and profitably? 

If yes, you're in the right place

At Somenatives Ltd we understand the ins and outs of medspas; what it takes, the most common challenges and the right solutions.

As Social Media Natives, naturally we have been using Facebook since 2008 and with over

10 years of experience in the trenches we master social media advertising thoroughly. 

We developed what we call the Tier 3 Growth Boost™, which is used to fill your bookings calendar and attract paying customers effortlessly each and every month.

As your partner, you, the business owner, can focus on what you do best while we ensure to bring customers to your door. 

Still thinking about it?

We believe in our craft and expertise, that's why we follow a performance-based business model and only charge you per lead or customer at the end of each month.

We won't bind you to a long-term contract either, because we prefer flexibility, too. 

However, you may still think that this service is perfect for you, we do not take every med spa as our client.

Our ideal clients are businesses that:

- truly want to grow their business

- see marketing as an investment

- ensure a high quality service

- trust our know-how


Here's how it works:

- Decide which service you wish to sell or promote.

*The ideal service is easy to buy, it takes little time to complete and it can be purchased

over-and-over again during the year.

- Calculate your monthly advertising budget

*Results can be generated with small budgets, too, but we recommend

minimum of $500 USD/month.

Remember, this is an investment and you will gain a profit, which can be used to fund your marketing efforts in the future.  

- The Offer, Hook, Magnet, Special..

*Check what your competition is offering to get customers through the door, the most effective offers are discounts. 

- Book a Time

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Towards growth.

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